First State-Level New Area Sanitation Services Project

The Urban-Rural Sanitation Integration Project in Rongcheng County, Xiong'an New Area, Hebei, has been officially signed recently. This is the first sanitation services project for a State-Level New Area, operated by Changsha Zoomlion Environmental Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter "Zoomlion-Enviro"), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Infore Environment Technology Group Stock Co., Ltd. (Abb: Infore Enviro), and hence significant for market strategy.



Rongcheng County is under the jurisdiction of Baoding, Hebei, and under the trusteeship of Xiong'an New Area. With an area of 314 square kilometers and a population of 260,000, the county has jurisdiction over five towns, three townships and 127 administrative villages. It is recognized as the "Millennium Ancient County" for its long history and profound cultural heritage since the establishment in Qin Dynasty. Rongcheng County is one of the three counties that form the Xiong'an New Area, located in the hinterland of the Beijing-Tianjin-Baoding Delta. It is where the Xiong'an New Area Administrative Committee and China Xiong'an Group are currently located, giving it a remarkable location advantage.

The project covers a wide range, including urban areas, five towns and three townships as well as the 114 administrative villages under their jurisdiction; provincial, county and township roads, village to village links; four rivers and five drains, urban and rural ponds and slopes for protection. Services include road cleaning, green belt cleaning, waste collection and transportation, sanitation facility management, sanitation operations company management, sanitation operators management, and sanitation operations digital management.

Annual service fee: RMB 72,962,220

Service term: 3 years

Total contract value: RMB 218,886,660

 Since the establishment, departments at all levels and the three counties of Xiong'an New Area have focused on key issues, tackled difficulties and made innovative efforts. In accordance with the principle of "government-led, market-based, rural areas-participated, enterprises-operated", urban and rural sanitation integration is being implemented county by county, with the aim of improving public services and the living environment. On December 13, 2017, Rongcheng County was awarded the first Hebei Civilized County, leading in the frontier of "becoming civilized and healthy". Infore Enviro will carry out the campaign to create a national health city from a high starting point, and with high quality standards according to the National Health City Standards. This will significantly improve the sanitation of urban environment in Rongcheng County, constantly optimize the ecological and living environment, enhance the overall city management and service capabilities, and comprehensively improve urban image and living environment.

This project has a distinctive New Area feature in addition to traditional sanitation integration projects. Rongcheng County is located to the north of Boot Area and to the west of the Rongdong Area of Xiong'an New Area. It is an important residential service area for the Boot Area and Rongdong Area construction, and plays a vital role in the preliminary construction. Considering Xiong'an New Area's sensitive atmosphere environment and the large amount of infrastructure construction for the establishment, effectively dust pollution control and treatment seem particularly important. Infore Enviro will invest heavily in dust suppression vehicles with independent R&D, and only use environmental-friendly reloading equipments within urban areas. Intelligent mini equipments will be allocated to the streets and lanes, to assist Rongcheng County in the efficient control of dust pollution and lay a good environmental foundation for the large-scale construction of the New Area.

During the signing ceremony, Rongcheng County Standing Deputy Governor and Director of the Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau Han Shujun expressed his aspiration that Infore Enviro can make full use of its own technology and operational experience, and strive to build this project into a benchmark for sanitation integration in the northern region. Infore Enviro will make a practical and positive contribution towards optimizing the living environment for the New Area and improving the city image and appearance.


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