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On February 25, Changsha Zoomlion Environmental Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter "Zoomlion-Enviro"), the wholly-owned subsidiary of Infore Environment Technology Group Stock Co.,Ltd. (Abb: Infore Enviro), officially signed a contract of the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Project for Harmless Disposal of Kitchen Waste in Changde with the Wuling District Urban Management and Comprehensive Enforcement Bureau in Changde, which marked that the Project for Harmless Disposal of Kitchen Waste in Changde formally entered the stage of implementation. Vice Mayor of Changde Yin Zhengxi, Secretary of Wuling District Committee of Changde Mo Hantao, Deputy Secretary of District Committee and Head of District Kang Shaozhong, Deputy Secretary of District Committee Wang Xianbo, Member of Standing District Committee and Vice-President of District Committee Chen Zhiwen as well as Chairman of the Board of Zoomlion-Enviro Zhang Jianguo, CEO Chen Peiliang, Investment Director Huang Wei, General Manager Li Min, Financial Director Cao Wei, and other persons in charge attended the signing ceremony.


▲Signing Site

On the site of signing ceremony, both parties had a deep discussion on the status quo of the industry of kitchen waste disposal in Changde and the future development of kitchen waste disposal under the circumstances of waste sorting. "The PPP Project for Harmless Disposal of Kitchen Waste in Changde is a project of civil and environmental significance promoted by both Changde City and Wuling District. It can be a milestone in the development history of our district. I sincerely hope that both parties pay every effort to make the project elaborate and exemplary. Wuling District, with its most favorable policies, most opening attitude and most powerful guarantee, will spare no effort to provide Zoomlion-Enviro with favorable conditions for its development in Wuling District in order to achieve the win-win cooperation and mutual benefit of both parties at a higher level." stated Kang Shaozhong, Deputy Secretary of Wuling District Committee of Changde and Head of District.

"This powerful cooperation with Changde City contributes to the kitchen waste disposal and environmental construction in Changde. That's very significant. Zoomlion-Enviro hopes to make the kitchen waste disposal plant in Changde an environmental project that is first-class in China with a beautiful environment and to make it a strategical project that is an example for the company. We look forward to making great contributions to the environmental construction of Changde City and the development of our company." indicated Chen Peiliang, CEO of Zoomlion-Enviro.

It is reported that the fist-stage scale of the PPP Project for Harmless Disposal of Kitchen Waste in Changde will be 150 t/d of kitchen waste plus 20t/d of gutter oil. The total investment of the project is about 170 million yuan and the term of its franchise is 30 years. The kitchen waste disposal plant covers an area of 30, 268 and it is equipped with the Fourth Generation of Wet Waste Disposal Technology and Craft developed by Zoomlion-Enviro. Compared with previous generations of technology, this new one has a conception of efficient energy conservation, intellectualization and landscape gardening. The project aims at realizing social, ecological, energy-saving and economic benefits so as to improve the urban living environment and the overall image of the city and to create a win-win situation between the protection of living environment and people's food safety.


The PPP Project for Harmless Disposal of Kitchen Waste in Changde is the first exemplary project set up in Hunan Province of Zoomlion-Enviro. The company will allow full play to its advantages of resources and technology, and it has the confidence and determination to turn the project into a comprehensive, educational and exemplary one that engages in recycling disposal of waste, bioenergy development, energy conservation and emission reduction in Hunan Province and surrounding areas, in order to become the model in the field of wet waste disposal in Central-southern China and even around the country.