Another good news! Infore Enviro received a notice of winning the bid for a market-oriented sanitation project in Huachuan County, Heilongjiang Province. The project indicates that the Company has successfully expanded its business to core urban areas after being highly recognized for the good operation results of its township waste collection and transfer and snow removal project in 2019.

Market-oriented Sanitation Project in Huachuan County, Heilongjiang

Huachuan County is located in the northeast of Heilongjiang Province, central Sanjiang Plain, and the economic center of Jiamusi City, Hegang City and Shuangyashan City. As a satellite town of Jiamusi, Huachuan County is a key industrial center of Northeast China. In recent years, Huachuan County has won many honors such as National Advanced Grain Production County, National Modern Agricultural Demonstration Zone, China Good Grain & Oil Rice Demonstration County, National Advanced County for Safety Construction, and "Changan Cup" (the highest-level award for safety construction). It has also been named as National Safety County, National Green Food Economy County, National Advanced County for Scientific and Technological Progress, Advanced County for Grain Production, National Ecological Demonstration Zone, and National Modern Agricultural Demonstration Zone.



The project has a service term of 8 years, an annual operating amount of RMB19.5 million, and a total contract value of RMB156 million. The service offerings include clearing, cleaning, transportation, sewage removal, and snow removal for all main and secondary roads, lanes, sidewalk panels, hedges, sidewalk trees, street green spaces, parks, squares and large-scale event sites, as well as daily maintenance and use of public toilets.

In April this year, Heilongjiang reported clusters of domestic COVID-19 infections in relation to imported cases. In the wake of this, the province has attached an unprecedented degree of importance to emergency response and guarantee ability in case of public emergencies. To ensure the normal sanitation operations during epidemic response, Infore Enviro has formulated the Plan for Operations Amid Severe Epidemic Situation. In the meanwhile, during the project, Infore Enviro will allocate its self-developed smart sanitation operation platform system to empower sanitation enforcement agencies of Huachuan County in whole-process sanitation operations, so that they can conveniently and efficiently use, operate, maintain and repair equipment and conduct digital, online and intelligent management of sanitation operations. As a result, a sustainable and controllable sanitation management model will be put in place.

Infore Enviro is committed to providing government agencies with one-stop systematic solutions with respect to urban and rural road cleaning, waste collection and transfer, sanitation information management, municipal facility maintenance, etc. Up to now, the Company has undertaken nearly 70 sanitation service operation projects nationwide, receiving wide recognition and further enhancing its influence in the industry. Infore Enviro will actively implement its corporate culture of "simple and professional with quick execution" and work together with clients to create a beautiful, civilized and orderly cityscape and environment.