CHANGSHA, Feb.17 ( -- Disinfection for epidemic prevention faced with new and tough challenge owing to the stream of people back to city and work. Recently in Tianxin District, Changsha, the application of intelligent disinfection robots and autonomous driving sanitation robots significantly relieved the pressure of disinfection for epidemic in community.


Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the sanitation robots of Infore Enviro, the company operating the first intelligent sanitation demonstration area in Tianxin District, have carried out disinfection for epidemic prevention operations. Community was currently faced with great pressure in disinfection because traditional disinfection equipment was too large to get into the narrow roads and unable to offer adequate disinfection. To solve the problems, Infore Enviro urgently launched intelligent disinfection robots and autonomous driving sanitation robots and developed intelligent sanitation as well as disinfection with their own intelligent cloud brain system.

They are not only flexible to use, but also able to perform disinfection in multiple moods according to different needs. They can be used in resident communities, washing and disinfecting trash cans, garbage transfer stations, seats, fitness equipment, and other public facilities; they also offer hand held sprayer to handle key areas like trash cans.

With function of autonomous driving, they can carry out intelligent and mechanized operations while ensure the safety of sanitation workers at the same time.

What's more, thanks to the intelligent cloud brain system, sanitation robots can record the information of operations, including location, time, frequency and dosage , and plan the operation according to the changes in the flow of people and the condition of the key areas dynamically and intensively to achieve full coverage of the dead corner and stronger operations in key areas. The intelligent cloud brain system is based on the data accumulation and dynamic high-precision maps of intelligent sanitation operation in half a year, which was the research of Infore Enviro Sanitation Robotics Changsha Artificial Intelligent and Big Data Research Institute in Tianxin District.

At present, relying on long-term data accumulation and dynamic high-precision maps, sanitation robots have successfully carried out intelligent sanitation and disinfection operations in multiple regions, and achieved accurate positioning and active reminding of deployment in key areas, which fully reflects the value and significance of artificial intelligence and intelligent network connection in epidemic prevention and control. .