In recent days, the epidemic of the novel coronavirus pneumonia has been raging, and the number of infection cases has been increasing. At this time, every Chinese is concerned about the severe epidemic. During the epidemic, Infore Zoomlion will take the responsibility and spare no effort to actively participate in the battle for epidemic prevention and control, and effectively assist urban disinfection in order to prevent and control the epidemic, and cut off the virus spread channel effectively. 


Disinfection and sterilization are effective and important measures to kill pathogens, stop the spreading of infection, prevent and control the epidemic and protect people's health.

At present, the disinfection of urban arterial roads can be done by large cleaning vehicles and multifunctional dust-suppression vehicles. However, such vehicles cannot access to crowded places, such as seafood markets, agricultural product markets, hospitals, squares, residential communities, narrow alleys, etc. If the disinfection is completed by human force in those areas, it will not comprehensive and ineffective, and will bring people the risk of being infected.

Therefore, an epidemic prevention and disinfection robot, XZX15BEV, has been launched by Infore Zoomlion to tackle this problem effectively and efficiently.

Notably, XZX15BEV applies unmanned intelligent operation, which can replace human force efficiently and finish the work 8~10 times faster. As a result, the possibility of sanitation workers being exposed to virus has been reduced, and the risk of cross-infection caused by personal contact has been reduced, which could be benefit of fighting against this epidemic.

XZX15BEV is small in size but flexible in operation, suitable for cleaning and disinfecting areas like seafood markets, agricultural product markets, hospitals, squares, parking lots, residential communities, narrow alleys, etc.

XZX15BEV can operate in different modes, such as targeted cleaning with a handheld spray gun, cleaning in a scissor-like mode, front row flushing, side spray flushing, etc. It can perform targeted cleaning and disinfection on trash cans, garbage stations, corners of roads and parking lots, vehicle bottom, bus stop signs, roadside seats, etc., and can also carry out spray disinfection on squares, alleys, sidewalk pavements, guardrails, flower beds, etc.

In addition, XZX15BEV can work closely with its best partner, SHZX18BEV, an intelligent wired-driven sweeper, to perform cleaning and disinfection simultaneously.

We will fight against the epidemic with a strong common will!

In the face of this severe epidemic, the greatest contribution we can make to the battle for epidemic prevention and control is to take self-protection measures and carry out disinfection and sterilization scientifically to prevent ourselves from virus infection.

Let's work together to protect the environment and fight against the epidemic.

Wuhan, fighting! China, fighting!