On July 30, Changsha Zoomlion Environmental Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter "Zoomlion Enviro") a wholly-owned subsidiary of Infore Enviro, formally signed the contract on Yongshun County Kitchen Waste Harmless Disposal and Resource Utilization Project with Yongshun County Economic Construction Investment Co., Ltd. and Hunan Natural Creation Biotechnology Co., Ltd. It marks that the Project has officially stepped into the implementation stage. Leaders from Yongshun County Economic Construction Investment Co., Ltd., Yongshun Environmental Health Administration, Yongshun Finance Bureau, Yongshun Commerce Bureau, Natural Creation (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. and Infore Enviro attended the signing ceremony.



Photo/Signing Ceremony of Yongshun County Kitchen Waste Harmless Disposal Project


At the signing ceremony, the three parties had an in-depth exchange of the current situation of kitchen waste disposal industry and the future direction of kitchen waste disposal in the context of garbage classification in Yongshun County. Wang Deqian, president of Yongshun County Economic Construction Investment Group, said: "This Project is a long-awaited livelihood, ecological and technological project in Yongshun County. It is of great significance to dispose kitchen wastes in Yongshun County and to build a beautiful, harmonious and happy Yongshun County. Main leaders of Yongshun County Party Committee and Yongshun People's Government have placed their kind care and ardent expectations on the investment, construction and operation of this Project. To strengthen cooperation and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results is the trend of the time and Yongshun, full of infinite vitality and vigor, will always open its enthusiasm arms. Yongshun County Economic Construction Investment Group will continue to do a good job of the project coordination, connectivity and other related works, and to make unremitting efforts to explore a broader space for cooperation among the three parties.



Chen Peiliang, Vice President of Infore Enviro and Executive President of Zoomlion Enviro, said, "The strong alliance between Yongshun County Economic Construction Investment Co., Ltd. and Natural Creation (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. is of great significance in making a contribution to kitchen waste disposal and environmental construction in Yongshun County. Infore Enviro hopes to build the Yongshun Kitchen Waste Disposal Project into a first-class and ecologically-beautiful environment project in China and its strategic benchmark project, making outstanding contributions to the environmental construction of Yongshun County.


Photo/Effect Pictures of Yongshun Kitchen Waste Harmless Disposal and Resource Utilization Project


It is reported that Yongshun Kitchen Waste Harmless Disposal and Resource Utilization Project is located in Nabi Village, Lingxi Town, Yongshun County. It covers an area of 25mu, with a daily treatment capacity of 50 tons of kitchen waste, a project cycle of 27 years (2 years of construction period +25 years of operation period) and a total investment of more than RMB 40 million. It covers kitchen waste collection and transportation system, pre-treatment system, black water horsefly breeding production and treatment line, bio-organic fertilizer processing system, heating system, efficient deodorization system and waste water storage system.

The Project adopts the processing technology of "intelligent collection and transportation + pre-treatment + insect treatment technology + organic fertilizer processing + odor treatment" as the core, which realizes the combination of industrial application of the biological technology of black water horsefly and kitchen waste treatment and adds"new force" into the ecological and environmental protection industry. At the same time, the implementation of this technology and the construction of the Project are expected to create a high-value utilization and in-depth resource recovery solution for the disposal of kitchen waste in the counties of China.

The implementation of the Project marked the birth of Infore Enviro's first 50t kitchen waste harmless treatment project and is one of the largest waste disposal projects of kitchen waste transformed by hermetia illucens biotechnology at the county level in the kitchen waste harmless treatment and resource utilization projects in China. It further consolidated and promoted the technical advantages of Infore Enviro in kitchen waste plate, effectively cemented and deepened the Company's industrial layout in the kitchen waste business.

Since 2014, Infore Enviro has successively undertaken kitchen waste treatment projects in Huaian in Jiangsu province, Liuan in Anhui province, Changde in Hunan province, Guangzhou in Guangdong province, Yongshun in Hunan province. It, keeping ahead steadily and surely, has gradually completed the comprehensive coverage of small, medium and large projects in the field of wet garbage treatment, and become an all-purpose enterprise in the wet waste treatment industry.