Important News of Today

In the afternoon of March 13, at Infore Enviro's Industrial Park in Changsha, Infore Enviro and Dongfeng Trucks launched the ceremony "Joint Forces Against the Epidemic, United We Will Win" to donate 500 trailer trucks. It is reported that these 500 trailer trucks will be reassembled into disinfection vehicles as well as collection and transfer vehicles for special domestic garbage. The smooth delivery of trailer trucks not only provided "warriors" to the frontline of epidemic prevention but effectively promoted the recovery of work and production in Infore Enviro and Dongfeng Trucks.





Liu Ganrong, Director of Manufacturing Management Department of Infore Enviro's Industrial Park in Changsha, Long Jin, Director of Supplier Management Department, and Zhao Yuan, Director of Trailer Truck Marketing (customized for Hunan) of Dongfeng Trucks attended the ceremony.



The full-on operation is effectively boosting the recovery of work and production at Dongfeng Trucks.

Infore Enviro is a leading enterprise in the industry of premium sanitation equipment manufacturing. At the critical stage of the epidemic prevention and control, Infore Enviro actively fulfills its corporate responsibility and meets the national requirements by orderly resuming work and production while helping with epidemic prevention and control.

During the ceremony, Director Liu Ganrong said that Dongfeng Trucks has been an excellent supplier of Infore Enviro for years. The epidemic situation is dying down in Hubei and the national economy is recovering. Infore Enviro purchased the first batch of quality trailer trucks from Dongfeng Trucks at the beginning of the year, all to help resume work and production in Shiyan, Hubei.


Innovated logistics to ensure a smooth delivery

The city of Wuhan went into lockdown after the COVID-19 outbreak. Hubei's traffic is strictly controlled, and the whole country activated first-level prevention and control emergency response. With the strong support from the Provincial People's Government of Hunan, the People's Governments of Changsha City and Shiyan City, Infore Enviro cooperated with Dongfeng Trucks in good faith. By means of provincial transportation, special personnel, and professional disinfection, 500 trailer trucks were successfully delivered to Infore Enviro's Industrial Park in Changsha.




The production base of Dongfeng Trucks is located in Shiyan, Hubei, where the epidemic situation is quite severe. Drivers from Dongfeng Trucks will deliver the trucks to the North Yueyang Highway Toll Station in Hunan and return to Hubei for centralized quarantine. Then, drivers from Infore Enviro will take the trucks back to the industrial park. During the entire delivery process, each vehicle must undergo three professional disinfections at the factory, high-speed intersection, and Infore Enviro's Industrial Park in Changsha, to ensure complete safety.

 "Infore Enviro's Industrial Park in Changsha resumed work on February 8. On February 10, they already received the first batch of trailer trucks from Dongfeng Trucks. Dongfeng Trucks provides around 10,000 trailer trucks to Infore Enviro each year. With the recent national economic downturn, 500 trailer trucks successfully delivered to Infore Enviro effectively boosted the recovery of work and production in our company. In late March, Dongfeng Trucks will deliver another 50 new energy sanitation vehicles to Infore Enviro." said Zhao Yuan.

 Joint Forces Against the Epidemic, United We Will Win! The "Pandora box" of the COVID-19 epidemic did affect the economy, but such negative impacts are only short-termed and phased. With the epidemic situation dying down, I believe that with the joint efforts of everyone, we will be able to fight against the epidemic situation while managing company operations and productions. Eventually, we'll win a double victory of epidemic prevention and achieving our goals!