Recently, Infore Enviro received a notice of winning the bid for a sanitation services project of rural garbage collection and transfer and market town cleaning in Shaoyang County with a total contract value of 312 million yuan and an annual contract value of 39 million yuan.

As a county under the jurisdiction of Shaoyang City, Hunan Province, Shaoyang County is a former revolutionary base. Since 2018, by sticking to the "Five Major Strategic Goals" in economy, politics, culture, society and ecological civilization, it has dedicated to work and forged ahead to maintain sound development momentum in economy and society. Under the correct leadership of the county government, Shaoyang County has enacted reforms and implemented innovative measures, leading to the rapid development in economy and society and the continuous growth of people's living standards. Meanwhile, urban and rural residents put forward higher requirements for the quality of environmental sanitation. Shaoyang County will introduce market-oriented services for rural sanitation operations, to promote the transformation of government functions, improve the urban and rural residential environment, innovate in environmental sanitation management system, facilitate the overall mechanized level of rural sanitation, increase the efficiency of urban and rural sanitation operations, optimize supervision and information systems unceasingly, and enhance its quality of rural environmental sanitation to an advanced level.



The domestic garbage collection and transfer service area of the project covers Shaoyang County excluding its urban area. The services are mainly regular sanitation work and service business, including domestic garbage collection and transfer, operation and maintenance of garbage transfer stations, smart management system and platform construction and maintenance.




Infore Enviro will provide the most professional sanitation operation services and the best operating equipment to customize an operation solution for the project in Shaoyang County, offer systematic solutions for the construction of a beautiful county and beautiful villages, improve its overall sanitation level, endeavor to promote its sustainable economic growth, and contribute to the construction of Beautiful Shaoyang. 

As of June 30, Infore Enviro's total contract value of sanitation services in 2020 had exceeded 10 billion yuan. Infore Enviro will continue to actively create unique corporate value and fulfill its social responsibilities. Adhering to the corporate vision of Cleaner World, Better Future, it embraces technologies such as Internet +, AI, and 5G, strives to raise the overall industry level through mechanization and intelligence, and contributes to making urban and rural environment more beautiful with high-quality environmental services.