Since the outbreak of the COVID-19, over 330 medical teams consisting of some 41,600 medical personnel outside Hubei have been mobilized to help. Data shows that Guangdong has sent 2,431 medical personnel in 23 batches to Hubei, while tens of thousands of medical personnel are fighting in the front-line in Guangdong. Front-line medical workers are busy protecting the health of people. The whole society also attach great importance to their health.




“You Protect the People, We Protect You.” March 4 witnessed the official launch of the “Enterprise Contributions to Medical Workers” Public Welfare Campaign jointly initiated by the Southern Daily, the Southern Plus, and the SOUTHCN.COM. On that day, 12 enterprises in Foshan including Country Garden, Infore Enviro, and Vanward took the lead in this campaign. They united to help front-line medical workers and their family members solve necessary and difficult issues.

In this campaign, Infore Enviro provided 10,000 masks for the family members of Guangdong medical workers sent to Hubei, and will donate 30 tons of disinfectants to designated hospitals. “Fight the Epidemic Side by Side, We Protect You”, “Heroes Are Not Born, But Built with Righteous Ardor”, “Special Love to Special You”… These posters demonstrate the encouragement of enterprises from various fields for front-line medical workers.




Infore Enviro has been keeping an eye on the epidemic situation and rendering more support in practical actions according to the needs of the epidemic prevention and control. On January 27, Infore Enviro donated 15 cleaning disinfection vehicles urgently refitted to Wuhan Commission of Urban Management for the epidemic prevention and control. Later, it urgently completed the design, production, installation and commissioning of two integrated stations for water quality monitoring of pollution sources and donated them to a hospital in Zhengzhou, which was built as "Xiaotangshan Hospital" in Beijing especially for the epidemic prevention and control, for strongly guaranteeing the safe discharge of medical waste water. Infore Enviro also donated a large number of supplies for the epidemic prevention and control such as disinfectants, surgical masks, collection buckets for waste masks, gloves, and goggles to other regions across China.

Now, Infore Enviro is involved in helping Guangdong support front-line medical workers sent to Hubei, showing respect for them in practical actions. Infore Enviro hopes that more enterprises can join to spread the love and care for medical workers to conquer the difficulties and tide over the bad times!