On July 13, the opening ceremony of Infore Enviro Central Research Institute (hereinafter the "Institute") was held at Infore Enviro Science and Technology Industrial Park. As the core technology organization of Infore Enviro (stock symbol: 000967), the Institute adheres to the core value that "scientific and technological innovation is the foundation of development" and undertakes the important tasks of core technology research, emerging business incubation and strategic industry promotion in line with Infore Enviro's smart sanitation development strategy. It aims to provide innovative strategic support for the Infore Enviro's positioning of "leading by sanitation robots technology, Infore Enviro becoming a respected and trusted industry leader in intelligent environmental equipment and services".

 He Jianfeng, Chairman and President of Infore Group, Ma Gang, Chairman and President of Infore Enviro, Zhang Jianguo, Senior Vice President of Infore Enviro and Chairman of Zoomlion-Enviro, Zhang Bin, Vice President, Chief Technology Officer and President of Infore Enviro Central Research Institute, inaugurated the Institute.




Technological Innovation Leads Development

 Under the strategy of technological innovation-driven development, the Institute strives to create a landscape of "open R&D + targeted incubation + lean management", focuses on six major segments (namely technology research, new industry incubation, technology strategy, experiment system, technology management and talent aggregation), and deepens integration of key technologies such as AI, 5G+, IOT and green design. It also endeavors to make breakthroughs in core technologies like AI-powered intelligent sanitation equipment and smart cluster cloud brain, carries out cross-sectorial integration and innovation of new technologies, forward-looking research on key technologies and incubation and development of new industries, and follows the strategy of global resource integration and innovation. These will provide continuous support for the Group's innovative development strategy of "Intelligent Equipment + Smart Sanitation + Smart Cloud Platform".

 Currently, the Institute has an innovation team of nearly 100 professionals, of whom over 50% are holders of a master's degree or above and nearly 60% have middle and high professional titles or above. The innovation team of the Institute has applied for more than 200 core technology patents and won the National Patent Award for three times. It has three innovation platforms, including the technological innovation platform of "smart sanitation robots" included in China's New-generation AI Innovation Key Task Undertaker List, the provincial corporate innovation platform of intelligent sanitation robot, and the municipal innovation platform of AI-powered intelligent sanitation equipment. Also, it has undertaken over ten national, provincial and ministerial scientific and technological innovation projects, and received 15 scientific and technological honors such as the China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award, China Patent Award, Hunan Science and Technology Progress Award, and China Inventor Award.


In-depth Transformation Driven by Technological Innovation

 The innovation team of the Institute has successfully developed the world's first smart sanitation robot, the world's first intelligent sanitation robot cluster, the world's first 5G unmanned sanitation robots formation, the world's first intelligent AI sanitation cleaning robots drive-by-wire, the industry's first unmanned anti-epidemic and disinfecting robots, and the world's first 5G remote cluster-controlled sanitation robots formation, which have been applied in Shenzhen, Changsha and other places.


April 2018

The world's first smart sanitation robot was successfully developed and appreciated by CCTV news

2018.12December 2018

In December 2018, the world's first sanitation robot cluster was put into operation in Orange Isle Scenic Spot

2019.5May 2019

The world's first 5G unmanned sanitation robots formation appeared in Yuelushan University Town.

2019.10October 2019

In October 2019, a small-sized intelligent sanitation robot cluster, called Seven Cleaners for Urban Capillaries, was unveiled globally.

2019.12December 2019

In December 2019, China's first 5G smart sanitation project backed by 5G sanitation robots was put into operation in Futian, Shenzhen.

2020.1January 2020

In January 2020, the world's first unmanned sanitation robot for anti-epidemic and disinfection was rolled out and used for epidemic responses in China.

2020.2February 2020

In February 2020, Infore Enviro was included in China's New-generation AI Innovation Key Task Undertaker List, becoming one of the top AI companies in China and a member of the "national team" in the innovation of smart sanitation robot industry.

2020.7July 2020

The world's first 5G remote cluster-controlled sanitation robots formation appeared in Shenzhen, the national pilot demonstration area.

In adherence to the vision of innovative, coordinated, green, open, and shared development, the Institute strives to build a global and open technological innovation system and make technological innovation globalized, high-end and diversified, so as to provide unceasing innovative driving force for Infore Enviro's strategic development and to facilitate the in-depth reform, innovation and re-definition of the entire industry. The Institute strives to become an industry leader of product and technological innovation in smart sanitation!