On the morning of Feb.25th, Lu Yi, Secretary of Foshan Municipal Party Committee, arrived at Infore Environment Technology Group Stock Co., Ltd. (Abb: Infore Enviro) to inspect the resumption of work and the implementation of the measures for epidemic prevention & control. Lu was also accompanied with Zhang Chaozhi, Deputy Secretary of Foshan Municipal Party Committee, Peng Congen, Head of Shunde District, He Jianfeng, President and Chairman of Infore Group, and Ma Gang, President and Chairman of Infore Enviro.



Secretary Lu inspected the work related to the resumption of work as well as the epidemic prevention & control.

Secretary Lu visited areas such as the offices and the exhibition halls. He inspected the work related to the resumption of work and the implementation of measures for epidemic prevention & control, as well as the work for staff control, disinfection measures implementation, emergency management mechanism, field arrangement in offices, resumption of work, and publicity of knowledge of epidemic prevention. Lu also exchanged with the responsible persons of Infore Enviro deeply.

Ma Gang, President and Chairman of Infore Enviro, reported to Secretary Lu and other leaders in details about the company's work related to the epidemic prevention and control, the resumption of work, the technical research and development, and the further development plan. Ma said that in order to ensure that employees can return to work safely. Infore Enviro has actively implemented the government's requirements for epidemic prevention, and strictly carried out epidemic prevention and control such as staff management, site disinfection, publicity of knowledge of epidemic prevention, etc. To lower the risk of epidemic infection through gatherings and prepare for the resumption of work, Infore Enviro implemented comprehensive measures such as preparing enough supplies for epidemic prevention, setting up centralized isolation and observation points, strengthening sanitation and disinfection in public areas, avoiding sitting face to face while working, etc.

Secretary Lu appreciated Infore Enviro's great sense of responsibility.

In the exhibition hall, Secretary Lu got a detailed understanding of the company's main business, the development status and the future plans. For the positive role that the sanitation equipment plays in the battle against epidemic, Ma Gang said that when facing the great pressure aboutenvironmental disinfection all over the country during epidemic outbreak, Infore Enviro donated 15 disinfection trucks to support Wuhan, and has already completed the schematic design, production, installation, and commissioning of the two sets of pollution source and water quality monitoring integrated stations, which were used to support the Zhengzhou Qiboshan Hospital, also called Zhengzhou "Xiaotangshan Hospital". In addition, Infore Enviro also delivered many mist cannon trucks, disinfection trucks, road maintenance trucks, cleaning trucks, garbage trucks and some other large sanitation equipment to support the urban cleaning and disinfection work on main streets of many large cities, and it also developed and launched sanitation robots specially for epidemic prevention, which could cover the dead zone for disinfection due to non-flexible operating feature of large equipment, and reduce the sanitation workers to be exposed in the virus and the risk of cross infection.



Secretary Lu fully appreciated with the sense of responsibility of Infore Enviro, as well as the great performance of its products. He conveyed the spirit of the important speeches by Secretary General Xi Jinping, and said that enterprises are the significant force for economic development. If the enterprises can resume the production in a safe and stable manner, they contribute to the battle for epidemic prevention and control. . He also expressed high expectation for further development of Infore Enviro. Infore Enviro is an outstanding enterprise within the environmental protection industry, all Party Committees and governments at the municipal and district levels will try their best to support it for resumption of work in a stable and proper manner. He hoped that Infore Enviro can fully resume the production while fully protecting employees, and could invest more into research and development of new sanitation equipment and better service, in order to contribute more to the ecological civilization and environmental protection around the society and the country.




Infore Enviro will remember the expectation raised by leaders, and will spare no efforts to do well in epidemic prevention and control as well as resumption of work. It will also be highly confident to win in the battle for epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development with scientific plans and actions.