On the evening of April 13th, Infore Enviro (stock symbol: 000967) disclosed a new repurchase program, stating that the company will repurchase its shares through collective auction, with a total amount between 200 million and 400 million RMB, the buy back ceilling of 8.00 RMB per share, and the tenor no longer than 12 months. The shares repurchased will be used for the company's equity incentive plan or employee stock ownership plan.




According to the announcement, it is estimated that approximately 50 million shares will be repurchased based on the upper limit of the repurchase amount and the repurchase price, accounting for about 1.58% of the company’s current total share capital; while approximately 25 million shares will be repurchased if based on the lower limit of the repurchase amount and the upper limit of the repurchase price, accounting for about 0.79% of the company’s current total share capital. The final number of repurchased shares shall be determined by the end of the tenor.

This repurchase program reflects that the company's development prospects and value have been highly recognized. The shares will be repurchased with the company's own funds, and will be used for the equity incentive plan or employee stock ownership plan to further promote the company's management structure and build a long-term incentive and restraint mechanism held by the management team to ensure that the company's long-term business goals met, the interests of all shareholders unified, yields shared, and the overall value of the company enhanced. All the directors of the company also promised that the repurchase will not hinder the ability of the listed company to fulfill debts or continue operating.



Rewarding investors through repurchase is one way the listed company fulfilling its social responsibilities. It also reflects Infore Enviro's core values--"Our employees are our partners in our endeavors", which shows the great emphasis on talents attached by the shareholders and core management of Infore Enviro, who bundle the development of the company and the interests of the employees, enabling all "business partners" to share the yields while contributing to the continuous growth of the company.

 In terms of the incentives of listed companies, the returns of stock options and holdings are closely related to the development of a company. Therefore, this action of Infore Enviro is a manifestation of the confidence in the company's future development and stock price. In recent years, Infore Enviro has vigorously developed intelligent, unmanned sanitation equipment and sanitation services. With a powerful and systematic solution that brings together leading intelligent environmental equipment innovations such as 5G, IoT, AI, and big data, and integrated sanitation services that cover front-collection, mid-transition and end-disposal, Infore Enviro has won a number of major projects, and seen its orders doubled.

In the future, Infore Enviro will focus on environmental sanitation robotics, alternative energy-powered sanitation equipment, sanitation service, domestic waste sorting and terminal disposal of large solid waste, and continue to reward investors with excellent performance.