Article Brief

 On March 3, the General Office of the CPC Central Committee and the General Office of the State Council issued the Guiding Opinions on Building a Modern Environmental Governance System. It is necessary to cement independent innovation of key environmental protection technology products, facilitate the demonstration and application of the first piece (set) of major technical equipment for environmental protection, in order to accelerate to raise the level of technological equipment in the environmental protection industry. It is necessary to help industry leaders grow larger and stronger, foster professional backbone companies, and support new, specialized, sophisticated, and distinctive small and medium-sized enterprises. It is necessary to involve enterprises in the construction of the Green Belt and Road Initiative to bring advanced environmental protection technologies, equipment, and capacity overseas. 

The Opinions lay out the working direction and requirements for forming an environmental governance system with clear orientation, scientific decision-making, strong execution, effective incentive, multi-participation, and benign interaction for the environmental protection industry. The Opinions will boost the rise of sanitation, the capacity expansion of municipal waste, and the rapid development of the solid waste industry.

Environmental protection equipment enterprises are developing towards comprehensive service providers engaged in equipment manufacturing, engineering construction, and integrated operation and management, observes insiders, further, leading enterprises may benefit more under the policy encouragement and support due to their strong comprehensive competitiveness in technology, capital, etc.


Equipment Leaders are Poised for Boom Again under the Favorable Policy

Relying on its profound business foundation and forward-looking technology research, Infore Enviro, at the top of the tree in the sanitation equipment sector, is expected to be the first to benefit from the new round of favorable policy and realize a new round of rapid development.

 Infore Enviro has been engaging in sanitation equipment and services and developing its smart unmanned sanitation equipment and services since it purchased Zoomlion Environmental Industry Co., Ltd. in 2018. Infore Enviro has established the most sound domestic sanitation equipment product lineup, covering around 400 models. It has led and joined in the formation of over 80% of industrial technical standards and boasts a market share ranking top. In February 2020, shortlisted as an unveiling enterprise of key innovative tasks for China’s new-generation AI industry issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology for its smart sanitation robot program, Infore Enviro has been among China’s top AI camp and an innovative leader in the smart sanitation robot industry!




In recent years, driven by policy promotion and technological development, the sanitation industry has been busy upgrading towards new energy and intelligence. Infore Enviro has timely responded to the market demand. Besides helping win the Blue Sky Protection Campaign through a series of new energy products, it has launched smart small environmental sanitation robotics package for urban capillary clearing mixing technologies including 5G, AI, machine vision, full-scale image recognition, and green new energy power. The package has broken the traditional “human-oriented, equipment-supplemented” model, pertinently addressed the industry pain point, and sped up the integration of ecological, social and economic benefits, greatly advancing the development of the shared green economy.



In the context of raised mechanization rate, Infore Enviro is expected to usher in sustained high growth in the environmental sanitation equipment market.


Profitability Increase in Major Environmental Segments amid Coordinated Development

In recent years, adhering to the two-wheel (equipment plus services) driven development strategy, Infore Enviro has given rein to the coordination in business segments and embraced a surge in large solid waste industrial chain covering environmental sanitation robotics, environmental sanitation equipment and services, garbage classification, terminal disposal of domestic waste, etc.

In terms of sanitation services, in 2019, Infore Enviro boasted 20 environmental sanitation operation projects with a total bidding amount of 8.017 billion yuan, each of which was over 50 million yuan of bidding amount, covering the whole country. In terms of sanitation equipment manufacturing, products including multi-gas super-sweepers, smart antiaircraft artillery compound operation dust-suppression vehicles, and new energy environmental sanitation vehicles have premiered; the development of unmanned sanitation equipment is also at the forefront of the industry. Following the launch of smart small sanitation robotics package in October 2019, the first batch of 5G+ sanitation robotics formation were formally installed in Futian in November. The smart sanitation robotics have been put in use in Orange Isle (Changsha) and Poyang (Jiangxi).




In particular, after the epidemic, the government and the public will pay more attention to the improvement and governance of the urban public environment. The Opinions timely issued by the General Office of the CPC Central Committee and the General Office of the State Council will boost the demand for environmental protection equipment to further enhance the urban environment, replacing manpower with more intelligent and scientific robotics. The industry will also usher in a new round of revolution against the shortage of funds, obsolete equipment, ageing of personnel, low efficiency, etc. under the traditional model. Under a series of favourable policies such as garbage classification and the Opinions, environmental equipment and environmental service enterprises should act actively and innovate boldly to embrace new demands and changes from environmental monitoring to sanitation equipment, contributing wisdom and strength to industrial development and urban environmental governance.

Infore Enviro will actively execute its responsibilities and obligations as an environmental protection equipment manufacturer and engage in the national ecological environment construction, contributing more and greater contributions to the construction of a beautiful China.