On March 20, Infore Enviro signed a procurement contract of sanitation equipment with Beijing Enterprises Urban Environmental Services Group (BEUES), which worths nearly 200 million RMB. It is reported that all equipment is electric. These new energy sanitation equipment will be used for comprehensive road-cleaning, garbage collection and transportation in the sanitation integration project on Xinqiao and Shajing Street in Bao'an District, Shenzhen.

This batch of new energy electric sanitation equipment covers nearly ten categories, including scrubbing trucks, high-pressure cleaning vehicles, low-pressure cleaning vehicles, road maintenance vehicles, guardrail cleaning vehicles, barreled garbage transport vehicles, multifunctional dust suppression vehicles, and electric flatbed vehicles. The total number nearly reached 200. As the contract is signed, the first batch of new energy electric sanitation vehicles has been delivered.




▲ New Energy Electric Sanitation Vehicles of BEUES Delivered in Shenzhen


More than ten years of technology research and development ensures that the product performance ranks among the top in the industry.

 Infore Enviro boasts more than a decade of experience in technology R&D as well as product development, which ensures the top quality and performance of the products. In 2008, the first Chinese pure electric road car was born here and served in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Up to now, Infore Enviro has launched the fourth-generation new energy sanitation products; the entire series includes 50 products, covering a full range of cleaning, washing, garbage, and municipal services.





▲ The First Chinese Pure Electric Sanitation Vehicle Served in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games


In addition, Infore Enviro boasts more than 30 years of sanitation equipment modification experience and core assembly and manufacturing technologies. We collaborated Dongfeng, BYD and other well-known brands in the design and development while using their pure electric trailers, to give play to our respective advantages. The vehicle technology and quality passed the testing and certification of professional institutions in Beijing and Shanghai. All performance parameters, safety protection, and quality requirements all met the standards and have passed the market test. According to statistics, at present, the company's production and sales of new energy products exceed 3,000 sets, which have been well-received by customers.

"Charged once, our pure electric sanitation vehicle sustain of 8 hours of work. The cruising range reaches 320 kilometers, and the operating noise is reduced to 8-10 decibels. Charging time: fast charging 2—2.5 hours, slow charging 6—8 hours," said a technical engineer who works in Infore Enviro's pure electric sanitation vehicle project team.


Good Economic and Environmental Performance, An Irreversible Trend to Promote 

Compared with traditional diesel sanitation vehicles, Infore Enviro's pure electric sanitation vehicles have good economic and environmental effects. According to the calculation of our staff, the operating cost of our pure electric sanitation vehicle is about 1/3 of that of the fuel vehicle, not to mention it has low noise, no exhaust emissions, which is good for the environment. If we suppose each sanitation vehicle serves 10,000 people, and a large city has a population of 10 million, then 1,000 sanitation vehicles are required. If all of them are switched to new energy products, the environmental benefits every year are equivalent to 3,445 mu of afforestation.




▲ Infore Enviro's 4th Generation of New Energy Products

Traditional sanitation vehicles have attracted great attention in terms of pollution prevention and control. As a result, in recent years, the promotion of pure electric sanitation vehicles has accelerated. The China Motor Vehicle Environmental Management Annual Report (2018) issued by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment clearly states that motor vehicle pollution has become the main source of air pollution in China. Among them, diesel vehicles, which account for 7.8% of the car's ownership, emit 57.3% of NOX (nitrogen oxides) and 77.8% of PM (particulate matter), which are the top priorities of motor vehicle pollution prevention. Currently, most of the sanitation vehicles in China are still high-emission diesel vehicles. Therefore, it is the general trend to replace traditional sanitation vehicles with new energy ones.


No. 1 Market Share, Helping to Win the Blue Sky Protection Campaign

According to statistics, there are currently around 1,500 pure electric sanitation vehicles in the Shenzhen market, among which Infore Enviro’s market share exceeds 60%. 2020 is the decisive year of the Three-year Action Plan to Win the Blue Sky Protection Campaign. The promotion and application of pure electric sanitation vehicles in Shenzhen should be leading that of the whole country. Infore Enviro vigorously promotes and applies new energy pure electric sanitation vehicles in the Shenzhen market, aiming to set a positive example and help the country to win the Blue Sky Protection Campaign.








▲ Infore Enviro's New Energy Pure Electric Sanitation Equipment Force


It is everybody's wish to enjoy a better environment, where the sky is blue, the rivers are clear, and the cities are beautiful. Infore Enviro has always adhered to our corporate vision of Cleaner world, Better future. We are committed to the research, development, and manufacturing of high-end sanitation equipment, and contribute to creating a clean, beautiful, civilized and orderly city.