On September 1, 2018, the trial operation of the Ultra-Low Emission Desulfurization Project of Unit Two of Datang Changchun Second Thermal Power Co., Ltd. was crowned with a complete success. It successfully passed the environmental protection acceptance check. The wholly-owned subsidiary of Infore Enviro--Universtar Science & technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. acted as the general contractor of this EPC project. The Project was led by the Universtar Changchun Second Thermal Project Department, while Datang Changchun Second Thermal Power Co., Ltd. provided project support and jointly promoted the acceptance of the Project. The Project will make a significant contribution to the ultra-low emission of Datang Second Thermal Power Plant and will have great significance for the environmental protection of the Changchun area.
 At the ceremony, the person in charge of the Datang Second Thermal Project expressed high recognition for Infore Enviro’s effort in technology, engineering management and project coordination. From the early bidding stage of the Project to the installation, rectification, operation and commissioning during the construction period, Infore Enviro had demonstrated that the technology was in place and the implementation of work was of high efficiency. In the face of problems encountered during the construction period, the Project Department dared to take decisive and fast action to find solutions, reflecting the high level of cooperation and professionalism of our services.
Fast Execution
  The scope of the Project was quite broad, involving desulfurization, dust removal, ash transportation, and the upgrading of plant roads, plant cable trenches, on-site dedusting transformers, and coal-transport transformers. The design work was cumbersome, and it was necessary to verify the original ground and underground facilities in the Plant. The designers of our Company verified the cable trenches and ash conveying system in the plant area against the severe coldness in northeast China in order to determine the transformation path. The models of dust-removing transformers and coal-transfer transformers in the Plant were quite old and the products had been out of production for a long time. Through a long and repeated process of solution discussion and confirmation with the equipment producer, the electrical design engineers eventually finalized the transformation scheme.
Surmounting Every Difficulty
 In the course of the trial operation, bad weather, tight schedule, and strict on-site management challenged the working personnel of the Project. The ultimate success was achieved through unremitting efforts and the cooperation of all departments of the Company. In the implementation stage of the Changchun Second Thermal Project, the Project Department worked together with the Construction Unit to race against the clock so as to meet the completion deadline. In the end, the Project was completed with quality and quantity guaranteed. In the stage of debugging, the Commissioning Team of the Project also overcame the difficulties caused by unstable system flow field and sampling. It was the Infore Enviro spirit which focuses on professionalism and fast execution and the hard work of all employees that guaranteed 168 hours of successful trial operation.
 The successful acceptance of this Project marked the staged achievement of the Ultra-Low Emission Desulfurization Project of Unit One and Two of Datang Changchun Second Thermal Power Co., Ltd. Looking back on the Project, the Project officially started on May 4, the trial operation was successful on August 18, and then passed the environmental protection acceptance check on September 1. In the face of such a large project with a tight schedule, the Project Department worked around the clock and raced against the time. Finally, the Project was completed with quality, quantity and nodes assured and was accepted successfully.
 Changchun usually has poor air quality during the heating period in winter and spring. Smog and the excessive level of airborne particulate matter are frequently seen. After this ultra-low-level retrofit, the pollution discharge of Changchun Second Power Plant significantly reduced, which will further enhance the air environment of Changchun City. Infore Enviro will also adhere to the corporate vision of “Cleaner World, Better Future” and make more contribution to the optimization of the living environment of urban and rural residents!